Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Accident and Vacation

I will be adding pictures to this post in a day or two.

Last week was a whirlwind of activity. We were planning on leaving on the 23rd to go to California for a week to visit Jason's parents. On Monday, Sierra and I were out doing some last minute errands when we were rear-ended. It turned out to be a 4 car accident. I won't go into details because the insurance claim is still open. Thank God neither of us were seriously hurt! Our car is in the shop right now, so we are using a rental car.

On Tuesday, we flew to San Francisco. The flight went okay but we had some issues with luggage. Our luggage didn't make it when we did. That wouldn't have been so bad, because they said they would deliver it, but the problem was that our car seat was with the luggage. They said they would lend us one. So they took us over to where they have their loaner items and pulled out an ancient 10 year old car seat that didn't look safe. FWIW, car seats expire after about 5 years. We said that there was no way we were going to put Sierra in it and that they could face major legal problems if they ever loaned that out to someone. Since we wouldn't use their car seat, they told us to wait at the airport for 3 hours till ours arrived. Finally, after asking to speak to a supervisor, they suddenly came up with a solution and found a safe car seat for her to use.

On Wednesday, we drove to Grizzly Flats to visit with some long time friends of Jason's. After a nice visit with them, we drove to Galt, to visit my KIRABO!!!! =) Kirabo is the wolfdog that I owned before Jason and I got married. I gave him to a lady in Galt, because I knew he wouldn't be happy in a house with a small backyard. It was wonderful to see him! After visiting Kirabo, we drove to Salinas.

On Thursday, Sierra got to hang out with Grandma, while Jason and I celebrated a late 2nd anniversary. We went to Monterey and Carmel. It was fun seeing the Sea Lions so close up and in the wild. Carmel is a very picturesque town with beautiful little houses. At Carmel, we ate dinner at a restaurant. We did feel rather out of our league there. Then we walked down to the ocean. We enjoyed our day very much.

On Friday morning we visited the couple that fostered Jason from 3 days old until 6 months old. This was the first time in about 21 years that Jason had seen them, so it was really neat for all of us. Friday evening we visited with some other friends.

On Saturday we went to the airshow. Sierra hated wearing the ear protection that we bought for her. She looked very cute though! She got her picture taken with one of the best aerobatics pilot in the world, Sean Tucker. I'll add the picture soon.

On Sunday, we went to church and then had a meet and greet after we got back.

On Monday morning, we went to visit some of Jason's other friends. That afternoon we took a ride in FIL's 65 mustang and then had pizza and watched movies. (Well, I fell asleep during the second movie! Opps! )

Overall, we had a good time and enjoyed seeing Jason's parents and friends. Sierra enjoyed it, except for traveling. She didn't like being held for that long and wanted to be on the floor doing her army crawl.