Friday, August 12, 2011

Hard Knocks and Hope

The past few weeks have been really rough!  We've had a series of hard knocks.  First, we had a plumbing bill to the tune of $1800.  The following week, we had to put Shylah, our German Shepherd down.  (That whole episode was very tragic and stressful situation.)  We put her down on a Monday, that Friday I had a miscarriage.  I was 8.5 weeks pregnant when I lost the baby.  Right after that, our family all came down with the flu.  It was the worst sickness we've had in a long time.  While I was sick, I destroyed my phone by putting it in the washer.  So yeah, the past few weeks have been rough.

Nonetheless, God is faithful.  He is our hope and help in trouble.  When you get knocked down so low, there is only one way that you can look and that is up.  Sometimes that is what it takes to get us hard headed, independent people to turn our focus back to God.  I have to admit that I did go through a "woe is me" stage but now I'm trying to get back up and focus on seeking God's will.

September and October are going to be very difficult months for us emotionally.  September 19 was Sierra's birthday and October 17 is when she entered the gates of heaven.  A friend and I are working on putting together something special to do on Sierra's birthday.  More details will follow....