Tuesday, December 22, 2009

New Sister!

It's been a while since I've updated and a lot has happened since then. In November, Sierra landed in the hospital with pneumonia and a staph infection. She was only there for 5 days and we didn't have to go to PICU. She was able to get out a few days before Thanksgiving.

This past Sunday Sierra started looking a little sick. On Monday, we took her to the doctor. He gave her a shot of Rocephin and started her on antibiotics. Today she is doing MUCH better. She is perkier and more alert. We are so grateful because tomorrow I am going to be induced, and did not know how I was going to survive if my other little girl was in the hospital.

Sierra's little sister is due Jan 15. Last week at a check-up and ultrasound they said that the amniotic fluids were low and put me on bedrest. On Monday they checked them again and said they were still at a 6. Tomorrow I go in for another ultrasound and will more than likely be induced. She will probably be born on December 24.

We would greatly appreciate everyones prayers. Please pray that Sierra would continue to improve, that God will give me strength, and that I would not have flashbacks of Sierra's birth.

P.S. I know something is wrong with the blog right now and won't allow comments to be posted. I'll try to get Jason to fix that sometime. Not sure when that will be. EDIT: Comments should now be fixed. If anyone is having issues please let us know. Most of you have alternate contact info for us. Pop up blockers need to allow popups on this site as this was the only fix I had for now.