Monday, August 23, 2010

Doing well

Since I'm sitting here at the computer in the peace and quiet (the rest of the family is asleep), I decided it would be a good time to write a quick update.

Sierra has been doing really well lately. She has been so much more awake and alert. Since going to China for the stem cell treatments, we've really noticed cognitive improvements in her.

She is currently getting occupational therapy and speech therapy twice a week. They come to our home so we are not battling the germs at a therapy place. We goes the the chiropractor every other week and we have recently begun taking her to a "manual therapist" in Austin every other week.

The "manual therapist" has been helping her immensely! We were really starting to get worried about how curved her spine is. He is helping straighten it out. He does what almost looks like a massage but he says that it isn't massage because it goes deeper than tissue and manipulates the muscles and bones. To be honest, I'm not quite sure what he does (this man is so intelligent that I don't understand the majority of what he says.) But, whatever it is, it is helping! Her spine is getting much straighter and she has been more active.

Ruby is our little Energizer Bunny. She is so active and noisy. She loves Sierra and provides a lot of positive stimulation. I think having a sister has been one of the very best therapies for Sierra.

In other news, we are working on moving to the country! We purchased some land and after we sell the house, we plan to build a little at a time. I can't wait to get the girls (especially Sierra) out to the fresh air and do things like horseback riding more often. We probably won't move for a year or two just yet, but we are so excited!