Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Six Months Old!

Today Sierra turned 6 months old!

Sierra had her 30th hyperbaric treatment. She has been doing very well and we have seen great improvements from the treatments. Last week she did something that really got us excited. She rolled over from her back unto her belly!

We made some new friends at the hyperbaric place. There is another family that is taking their baby to hyperbarics. She is 9 months old and has a lot of the same challenges that Sierra does. It was so good to visit with them!

Sierra with her mother, grandmother, and aunt.

Heart attack

This little girl wants to keep us on our knees! Up until last week she had always been sleeping on the bed with us at night. She doesn't move much so it hasn't been a problem. Since we started hyperbarics and started putting her on her belly on the floor more frequently, she has begun moving a lot more. She is doing very well at crawling (not what you typically think of as crawling...this is a crawl on her belly like an army crawl.) Last week while we were in San Antonio at the hotel I woke up during the night and reached next to me to feel for Sierra.......but she wasn't there! I figured that she had buried herself under the covers. I jumped out of bed and ran around to the other side tot turn on the light. When the light came on, I gasped at what I saw. Sierra was lying on the floor beside the bed. She had crawled right out of bed! There was less than a foot of space between the metal bed frame and the wooden nightstand. Somehow she managed to fall without hurting herself. She did not have any bumps or bruises. We stayed up the rest of the night watching her to make sure she didn't have a concussion, then in the morning a friend who is a family doctor graciously took a look at her. It was really a miracle that Sierra did not hurt herself. I say that she fell out of bed and right into the hands of God. Needless to say, she will not be sleeping on the bed anymore!

Sierra with her grandmother and aunt.

Yesterday we went to the Alamo. It was Lil' Bit's first time to visit the Alamo. That is where the pictures were taken.

Sierra in front of the Alamo

Note: You can read more about Sierra's previous medical issues on


Vanessa said...

of course you can add a link and i wanted to add Sierra on mine!! I miss you guys! It's so nice being around other people like us! I admire your strength and faith so much!! It has been a little tougher for me and it's so refreshing seeing people appreciate even the "bad" (not what you expected" things in life! Miss ya'll!
P.S. I called my friend but she is busy right now, i'll try later!

wmsl said...

Happy half-birthday Sierra!

I'm so glad you started this blog Rosetta, I enjoy hearing about your family.

-wendi (from the crossings)

Gallagators said...

Sierra is beautiful! Looks like she enjoyed her first trip to the alamo!

JaneeNoel said...

I've been following Sierra's other blog and am happy to see that we'll be getting more frequent updates!

Noelle pulled the same scooting-out-of-bed trick once while we were out of town. It was awful. . . I was sick about it for days. So glad Sierra is okay!