Wednesday, May 7, 2008

No OT?

Sierra has been having occupational therapy once a week. Medicaid only pays for the first 6 months that they are out of the hospital. Her 6 months ran out. Now that she is covered by our insurance we figured we could just get them to cover the OT. Unfortunately it isn't that easy. Jason made a bunch of calls trying to figure out what we needed to do to get our insurance to cover it. No one seems to know. We may just try taking her to an OT appointment and then submitting it to insurance to see if they will cover it. Our OT is working on trying to get Medicaid to approve more months.

We could always get OT from Early Childhood Intervention, but we like Sierra's current therapist. Her therapist has been working with her since she was about a week or two old and we know that she really loves Sierra.

Y'all can be praying that everything works out so that we can continue with our current occupational therapist.


wmsl said...

will be praying

ebunny59 said...

Our insurances over the years cover it under outpaitent services, and will cover 20sessions of each therapy a year. We usually only have to pay one $20 co pay (for 3 therapies, because we have them on the sme day right after each other), and the rest is 100% covered, until we hit 20 sessions in one year.

We go every other week, and usually miss or skip a few once in a while, so usually there is only a month or two we have to pay for every year.

Keep with the insurance. It is covered under something. Office visit, outpatient, rehab services, etc etc.