Sunday, July 27, 2008


Wow. God has really blessed us. We've been actively fundraising for about a month now and God has provided $4500 so far. We have also had over 850 website hits and 103 members on the facebook group. A note about the website hits: to count as a hit, it cannot be our ip address, and that ip address must not have visited for at least an hour. So these are actual, legitimate seperate hits.

Our church is supporting us with prayers and money which is a great relief and we appreciate their support.

We were a little concerned about Sierra today because when we got home from church she started having myoclonic movements, but they went away. I think it might have been the half dose of children's Motrin we gave her lastnight to help with her teething pain.

Please pray that we'd get donations for the auction on 8/23. We haven't had any donations yet. We need to pound more pavement and get the word out, but also we need to figure out which person at each business has the power to do this. We also are needing contributions from individuals of items in good condition, so let me know if you want to donate something to be auctioned off

Its so nice to have my girls back from San Anton.


Vanessa said...

It's awesome abotu the fundraiser! YEA! Also, John and Giuli start tomorrow! Take care!