Tuesday, August 19, 2008


EEG Results

Today the neurologist called with the results of Sierra's EEG. The bad news is that one side of her brain is having some spikes. The brains cells are irritated, so he wants to keep her on Keppra for now. He said that we will re-evaluate in 4-6 months. The good news is that she has not had any seizures for over 9 months now and the neurologist is going to keep her at her current dose of Keppra rather than increasing it. (We are SO much happier with this neurologist!)

Chiropractor Visits

We can't believe how much the chiropractor visits have helped Sierra! The lump that she had on her back from scoliosis has gone down immensely. We have also been working on patterning with her. We move her opposite arms and legs up and down in a crawling motion. Since her last adjustment on Monday Sierra has been pulling her knees up under her quite a bit and lifting herself up into a crawling (technically it is called creeping) position. Sierra's body temperature tends to run low. Whenever we would touch her, she felt cold to the touch even if it was a hot day. Since going to the chiropractor her body temperature seems to have improved. Now when I touch her, she feels nice and warm not cold. She has been rather vocal lately as well.


Sierra will be evaluated by ECI next month. Then she will begin receiving therapy.

Elks Lodge Benefit

The Elks Lodge Benefit for Sierra is this Saturday from 11:00-5:00. There will be BBQ plates for $5. All the food was donated! They have been so generous! The auction starts at 2:30. Some really great items have been donated. There is beautiful antique furniture, rustic furniture, a 5 night vacation to Colorado, and lots of other great things. People have been so supportive! We are overwhelmed with how kind everyone has been! Oh yeah, there will also be Karaoke music, that should be fun.

Newspaper Interview

We wrote up an ad for the benefit to put in the local paper. We submitted it to the section for garage sales. The newspaper people called up and told us that they could not put it in that section (they put it in the appropriate section). They said that they wanted to do a story on the benefit and on us! We will be going in for an interview on Thursday.


Unknown said...

That's so awesome, and I wish I could come Saturday, but I'll be in Houston. :(

I hope it goes well, and people are very generous!!!!!