Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Missing Grandma

After having her out of state Grandma here for over a month Sierra got spoiled by having both of her grandmothers to cuddle her, talk to her, and love on her.

We are VERY grateful that Jason's mom could come out while Sierra was in the hospital. She helped out so much and was such a blessing! We considered kidnapping her and not taking her back to the airport. :-) The ladies from church told her that she was just going back long enough to pack her bags and get her husband, and then she was moving here. =)

Sierra is doing fairly well. The hospital stay really gave her a set back though. Being paralyzed for so long and being made to lay on her back made her lose the muscle strength that she used to have. She has been wanting to hold her head way back instead of up. We have to fight her to keep it in the right position.

We ended up finding a good chiropractor here in Temple. We do miss the nice folks in Austin, but her new chiropractor is very good and so sweet! It only takes 10-15 minutes to get there as opposed to 1 hr 15 min! We are loving all the extra time!


Shannon Wallace said...

Grandma's are amazing blessings from God! That would be awesome if she were able to move nearby to help you guys out. :o) You guys are amazing, brave, strong, and wonderful followers of Christ! God bless you!!