Sunday, April 12, 2009

If a Picture is Worth a Thousand Words...

...then this post will be worth 24,000 words.

In the Austin airport, getting ready to leave

Street scene in Hangzhou. Note the car parked on the sidewalk.

Most American restaurants here don't taste very American. They have Chinese flavors. Most people get around on electric scooters or bikes as seen in this picture.

Read the sign carefully. The translations here are not usually accurate and sometimes are downright funny.

We're getting pretty good with chopsticks. The chow mein was pretty good. The noodles were more al dente than I was used to.

Bicycles are used to transport everything, in this case steel beams. Oh, and this one is pedal powered, not electric.

Garden in front of a government building

Pagoda in a park

The escalators here don't have stairs, they're flat.

The grooves in the escalator grab some rubber blocks on the cart which allows them to easily transport carts back up to the third level.

Our hotel room

View from hotel room

Another view from the hotel

Leaving the hotel with all our luggage

People flying kites in The People's Square

The People's Square

On a bench in The People's Square

The People's Square

Kid getting a rollerblading lesson in The People's Square

Papa John's was the exception when it comes to food. It's an American restaurant that tastes like it's American equivalent.

Their delivery vehicles are a little different though.

So that's how you say "Papa John's" in Chinese.

Someone transporting a China cabinet down the street on a wheeled cart.

All pictures copyright 2009, Rosetta Fedelem

Posted from Hangzhou at 1:15 PM on 4/12/09