Monday, January 26, 2009

Letter from Sierra's Uncle

Dear Ya'll,
she would look at me with blue eyes that don't see. she reaches and holds onto my finger for dear life. She would fuss and then if I waltzed around the room she would relax and calm down. she hates having hick-ups, she is my neise! she's 14months old, but I love her!!

She has been sedated and placed on a ventilator, her parents can only stand by in the ICU and worry at the sudden drops in her heart rate.... the continual strain of Drs and nurses rushing in and out... not knowing, kind of like being the star in a night mere you never wnated to be in and that you can't wake up from.

That is what I can only think of I'm in South coralina . life seems to have passed someone the short case, I don't know how to put it but it hurts. I'm powerless (not the first time) I can only recall the last time I saw her. I bent close to car seat and wispered take care I love you Sierra. I doubt she knew what I said but I knew. I am remembering and praying that as her life once again hangs in the balance of God's love and His hands. I can't tell you why it is all happening but who cares anyway?

May the Lord Continue to shine on you,


Amanda Printz said...

God cares!!! Everything (bad or good) works together for his good, as horrible as it may be at the time. We are praying for you all, my heart hurts so much for little Sierra!