Saturday, January 24, 2009

Today's Update

Well not much has happened since the last update. Sierra has not been put on a ventilator yet so that is a huge praise. We are praying that she won't need it.

She was miserable today. :-( It is hard to see her like that. They stopped giving her one of the strong antibiotics that they were giving her because meningitis has been ruled out.

She is still on the oxygen mask and her breathing is labored. She is on 60% oxygen right now. They are trying to lower it gradually. She has to be able to handle it at 30% and be breathing easier before they can think about taking it off.

They think she might have a viral infection.

She got a blood transfusion today because her blood count was rather low.

We have an AMAZING night nurse! I wish we could clone her. :-) She came in the room and started talking to and caressing Sierra. She said to the resident on staff, "Can we give her some pain medication? She is hurting." (We have been asking that question since yesterday) At first he said no, because he thought she was talking about a sedative. She asked for Tylenol and he said that was fine. THANK YOU!!! Now my poor baby has some relief!!! Next, she changed the bedding (which she discovered was wet because the heating blanket under her had leaked), gave Sierra a sponge bath, put Lavender lotion on her, and put a little dress on her. As I type this, Sierra is sleeping peacefully and her stats are good. What a difference some pain relief and loving care makes!

I will be able to sleep tonight knowing that Sierra is in such good hands.

The prayer requests are pretty much the same as last night. Thanks for your prayers, calls, visits, etc. We are so blessed to be surrounded by the love and support of so many people!


wmsl said...

I'm glad she has such a good nurse and do hope you are able to get some rest. Thanks for the update.

Steph said...

I have been following your updates. I am so sorry to hear she is in the hospital. I can only imagine how you must be feeling. I am praying for you and sweet Sierra. I am so glad you have a good nurse. It really makes all the difference. Hugs, Stephanie and Whitney