Friday, January 23, 2009

Prayer Request Summary List

We are sitting here in PICU. At the moment things are okay, but we have learned that things can change quickly. Here is a list of some specific requests.

1. Right now they just have an oxygen mask on her. They are hoping that this will help here and that they will not have to put her on a ventilator. Please pray that tonight goes well and that her stats stay good so that they will not have to ventilate her.

2. Pray that her liver would start working properly.

3. Pray that Sierra (and parents) would get some peaceful and restful sleep.

4. Pray that God would be glorified through all of this.


Tony and Myra said...

My prayers are with you. My little guy isn't doing well either.

Mag's Meaning said...

Praying for Sierra and y'all, Rosetta!! ((hugs))

Adriane said...

Oh, I hope things take a turn for the better soon!!

Stephanie B. said...