Thursday, January 29, 2009


Today was another relatively good day in that nothing negative has happened. Sierra is still on the oscillator ventilator and according to the doctors is still not stable. They still are blaming it on a virus although there also seems to be a bacterial infection. This has been a scary trip and I'm grateful for the respite. Hopefully in a few days they'll be able to get her back on a normal ventilator and off the oscillator ventilator.

I'm also grateful for all the support everyone has been giving us in the form of text messages, blog comments, calls and visits. My mom came in from California last night and is helping us with administrative stuff.

Thanks for all the prayers and support!

Jason Fedelem


Steph said...

I'm sure that will be nice to have your mom there as a support. I am still praying for your sweet little girl. hugs, Stephanie

Joy said...

Rosetta and Jason, we are praying for little Sierra. I posted prayer for her on my blog. So many more are praying as well!

Joy Goheen

Vanessa said...

still praying and thinking of you guys daily. I wish i was closer to help you sweetie. Be strong... HUG

laila said...

Praying very hard for your little angel!!!!

Tony and Myra said...

May the Lord's strength keep holding you up. Thinking of you guys and sweet little baby.