Saturday, February 14, 2009

Busy, busy

It is so good to be home from the hospital! Through the whole incident, God reminded us once again how frail life is and how blessed we are to have Sierra. We are so grateful that He decided to let us keep her. She is truly our miracle baby.

Sierra is still a bit weak but she is getting stronger. Her muscles became pretty tight from laying there for two weeks with no movement. Her muscle tone is improving now that she can move again. Poor baby has nasty bruises from the a-line and IVs. I feel like crying everytime I see them :-(.

My MIL came while Sierra was in the hospital and she is going to be here another two weeks. I wish we could just keep her though! :-) She has been a great help. She is helping us declutter and get organized so that keeping the house clean will be easier.