Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Doing Better

Well, I think I figured out what happened yesterday. Sierra was doing really well yesterday until the evening. In the evening her oxygen saturation levels started dropping.

What happened was that around 4:30pm Sierra's nurse got another patient. The new patient rquired a lot of attention and so Sierra was pretty much neglected until the night nurses came on at 7:30.

Around 6:00 pm Sierra was coughing. I knew that she had to be suctioned. A different nurse came in, and I mentioned it. He would not suction her though because the notes said not to suction her (the notes were for when she was on the other ventilator because she wasn't suppossed to be suctioned while on it.).

Since she needed to be suctioned and was not, her saturation levels were dropping down to 90 and 89 (they are supposed to be above 95 the closer to 100 the better.)

When the night nurses came, I told them what was going on. They suctioned her and gave her TLC and within a few minutes her oxygen saturation levels jumped back up to 98 and have stayed between 98 and 100 since then.


Anonymous said...

I really hate dumb nurses like that. I'm so sorry about that Rosetta. At least you finally had someone else come in and listen to you!
Been thinking & holding you in our hearts...
hope you're hanging in there! much love...

Unknown said...

Still praying!!

OperationFamily said...

Rosetta - we are praying.
Doug and Joy