Monday, February 23, 2009


Sierra has been doing really well. She still is not back up to speed yet, but she is getting there. We realize that it will take time for her recovery. She was a very sick little girl. One of her doctors said that she suprised a lot of the doctors and nurses.

On the positive side, while in the hospital and since she has been home, Sierra has been having pretty regular bowel movements on her own. Before, we were having to give her supossitories every day.

She has also gained quite the appetite. She is eating a lot more food and drinking a lot more milk than before.

On Friday we took her to the chiropractor in Austin for a last visit. They have been wonderful in working with her. We appreciate all that they have done for her! Unfortunately we are going to have to find something closer. The six hours of drive time every week to get there (about 1.5 hours each way twice a week) is getting to be too much. We are also trying to cut back on money in every area possible so that is an area where we can save on gas. Please pray that we will find a good chiropractor locally.