Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Sierra.... a fighter. She is such a determined little girl. She has to work extra hard at things but that doesn't stop her.

...has beautiful curly hair. We aren't quite sure when it started curling. When she was 4 or 5 months old it was straight. In the past month we have had two people ask us if her hair is naturally curly. :-)

...has comments from people at stores saying that she is beautiful and looks like a porcelain doll.

....favorite things to eat are fruits.

....appetite is almost double what it was before we went in the hospital. very picky about who gives her a bottle, only Mama will do.

....will pretend to fall asleep if she is being fed something she doesn't like.

....loves being spun around. This is the only way we can get a smile out of her.

....has a miniature horse but needs to ride him more often.

....has beautiful blue eyes (her mommy and daddy don't have blue eyes!)

....will let out a long sigh if she was complaining and you finally figured out what she wanted.

....has the cutest sneezes ever!

....has painted toenails.

.....has earrings. getting her first tooth in.

.....likes having Pancho lay on her feet.

.....likes having Buck rest his big head on her.

.....tolerates having her face "cleaned" by Shylah. She usually makes a face though. :-)

.....loves taking bathes.

.....has touched many lives.

.....has strengthened, mended, and restored relationships (God has used her to really strengthen our marriage. It wasn't bad or weak before but it is much stronger now.)

....has been a witness for the Lord to many people. our precious daughter that we love so much!


Anonymous said...

ROFL that is hysterical that she pretends to fall asleep. The little stinker!

Lora said...

Lol -- that's what I thought, too -- smart little kiddo!

Shannon Wallace said...

How wonderful to reflect on all of the wondeful things about Sierra! I totally believe wholeheartedly in the last couple of comments, about God mending relationships, etc. through Sierra!